Confidence, Focus & Character Development – This is what All Children Need!


You’ve probably heard that karate can changes lives, haven’t you? You know what… IT’S TRUE! I’ve taught Karate professionally for decades and I have witnessed 1st hand the mental, physical and emotional benefits that Martial Arts gives children. If you want to help your child be their Best, then getting them started in Martial Arts here at Choe's HapKiDo Martial Arts & Karate of Duluth is at the Top of the list!

Kids love it because its fun; Parents love it because it works!

The Kid’s Karate Program at Choe's HapKiDo Martial Arts & Karate of Duluth is for YOUR CHILD! We have classes for boys and girls starting at age 3. Whether your child is experienced or a beginner, we have the right program for them! Our dedicated and caring staff are professionals at helping every child develop their martial arts skills, get healthy and fit, learn real self-defense skills and most importantly their develop their character. Choe’s HapKiDo is a high energy, positive environment that provides the opportunity for each individual to fully participate and experience their growth, while exercising with their friends and peers.

"Wow Reverse psychology! My son was very aggressive, and I was worried he would cause problems and be accused of being a bully. A friend of mine suggested this Hapkido Karate school to give him some discipline. I was hesitant at first because I thought a karate class would just give him more ammo. Boy was I wrong. It all started with the Instructor teaching him about respect, making him control himself and good manners. This was exactly what the doctor ordered, I can't recommend this enough." - Sandra Jutus

"My Superhero! Our son was full of energy and confidence when being a superhero at home, but at daycare and the playground, he was always the shy guy. He always talked about karate so I searched and found Choe's HapKiDo. I could tell a difference after the first lesson. The Instructors were so supportive. I could see him swell with pride when they congratulated him. He has really found his superhero self. This school is great! - Neil Getty

"Fun Exercise! I was worried about my little girl being overweight. She just didn't want to play the same sports and games as some other kids. She is so smart but not really into team things. She was invited to a birthday party at Choe's Hapkido and she fell in love. It was like the magic ingredient! She couldn't stop talking about it after the party was over, so we let her try it out. 6 months later, she is an orange belt and jumps and kicks and runs like a pro. This was so good for our daughter, if you have a similar situation don't wait!" - Maria Delos Santos

At Choe's HapKiDo Martial Arts & Karate of Duluth, every class has:


See your Dreams come TRUE…

Imagine how great it will be when your child builds the confidence to stand up to bullies and negative peer pressure. Imagine how proud you will be when your child becomes the respectful young person you’ve always known they could be. Consider the peace of mind you’ll have when you see that your child is vibrant, strong and full of positive energy and health. Imagine how great it will be when your child’s grades and attitude continually improve, opening the doors of opportunity for them. Every parent dreams of these things for their children. Well, we see Dreams Come True each and every day!

Engineered for YOUR Child’s Success!

To make all of our students as Successful as they can be, we separate children’s classes their age and their rank. It’s been our experience at Choe's HapKiDo Martial Arts & Karate of Duluth that giving students a class designed specifically for their age group helps them to train safer, learn faster, and have tons of fun!

Your Kids will Love Our Staff – and So will You!

You’ll be impressed with our terrific staff! At Choe's HapKiDo Martial Arts & Karate of Duluth all of the Instructors have been professionally trained to match the individual needs of different children.   Every child is special and unique, and has ways they learn best.  Our instructors continually research and implement the most trusted and innovative ways to make sure every child is maximizing their potential.  With the expert training our staff receives, you can rest assured knowing that everything being taught is being taught safely and correctly so that students can learn efficiently and properly while developing themselves from the inside – out!

Why Wait to Improve Your Child’s Life?

Take the 1st step to open the world of Martial Arts and karate to your child.  The potential they have is virtually limitless.  Choe's HapKiDo Martial Arts & Karate of Duluth has proven methods to focus this potential into tomorrow’s Leaders and Champions.  It is only a phone call away.   Anything you want your children to accomplish – “I want to have confidence that my child can defend his/her self ” or “I want a fun way for my child to lose weight and get in shape” or “I want my child to have more focus and concentration” or “I want an activity that my whole family can do together” We’re the school you’ve been looking for.

Give us a call right now at 678-380-0022 and one of our student relations staff will help you with our Free, no obligation Quick Start Program.  Don’t Delay to Improve Your Child’s Life Today!